Up the Down Escalator

There's a hole in the whole

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Showers on the pond

Sitting by the waters edge, staring out across the pond, the storm began to roll in. The water was very still despite the subtle ripples that traced the still flat patches of the shallows. Small fish had gathered below our feet. A gentle drizzle of rain crept on slowly. The tiny droplets looked like little diamond chips hitting a wrinkled glass pane as they fell through the surface of the pond. She smelled like a sweet floral greenhouse. The rain made her scent linger low in the air and mixed in its own sweet fragrance. The moment was just that; a moment. But for me, it stretched into eons.

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When the anxiety takes hold and my teetering stability capsizes, it’s like 10 million razor sharp jagged distractions are eviscerating my every thought and shredding my sanity into tiny tattered incoherent ribbons of empty confusion and defeat on the floor of my vacant mind. There is no medication on the market capable of fixing this. Big pharmaceutical companies do not create cures, they create customers.

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when i sleep
i sleep to dream
-dream of fields
-of you and me

wind sweeps low
below our feet
as we float
that’s where we meet

space is cold
we drift away
luna smiles
as cherubs play

stares exchanged
the blue so sweet
sweetest gaze
between the sheets

twist inside
like coiled vines
whispered loves
as time rewinds

we descend
so slow it seems
time to wake
or sleep to dream…


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Neil Hilborn - “OCD” (Rustbelt 2013)

This just made me tear up.  I don’t have OCD anywhere close to as bad as this, but my bipolar and panic disorder produce a very similar effect.  I have been in his shoes.  My chemical imbalance has been ruining my life for over 20 years.